07 Jul 2016

Time Flies, and it’s as simple as that.

I remember almost a month ago I

07 Jul 2016

I remember almost a month ago I was thinking “I should try to write more blog posts”… well, life happens, and when you’re running a new business, it seems to happen faster than you can keep track of.

When you start a new business, every week feels critical, you’re constantly over-scrutinizing every detail and it never feels like there’s enough time in a day. Sometimes everything moves so fast you can completely lose track of time, days fly by, then weeks, then months. It takes a moment to step back and realize we’ve been open for a little over 4 months now, it sounds like such a small amount of time, but so much has happened since we opened in March. So I wanted to take a moment and recap.

open day staff

First off, we opened, and it already feels like a lifetime ago. Some of the faces from the original team have changed, we’ve grown in numbers, and we’ve formed some pretty tight relationships. We launched a brunch program, moved half our new.image.brewing.arvada-7production on site, hosted a huge charity event, built an outdoor patio, launched an art program, competed in a taco competition and added 4 new beers to our portfolio. For the sake of concision I kept that list short, but nonetheless, it’s been non-stop.

So many things so easily get lost in the hustle, like some of the simple joys of opening a new brewery. We’ve met so many incredible people, they impact and change our lives every day. We get to try new beers and new food all the time. It seems like we know literally everybody in olde town, especially the industry folks. We’ve hosted kick-ass parties, traveled to new places, created new things and built a lot of really cool shit along the way.

We continue to learn new things every day, I doubt we will ever stop with that. It’s certainly a roller coaster at times, but it’s one that we will hop right back on every day. I can’t wait to see what the next 4 months hold for us, as we continue to meet new people, encounter new experiences, grow and change as a company. I often describe the stage that we as a company are in as “the awkward teenage phase”. We’re still figuring out who we are, we aren’t established, we constantly try new things as we explore who we’re becoming, and also we all kind of look like children, well, at least I do (see above staff photo).

The point is, it’s a pretty freaking cool time right now, and I can’t wait to see what’s next.




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