What’s Happening

What’s Happening

Time Flies, and it’s as simple as that.

I remember almost a month ago I was thinking “I should try to write more blog posts”… well, life happens, and when you’re running a new business, it seems to happen faster than you can keep track of.

When you start a new business, every week feels critical, you’re constantly over-scrutinizing every detail and it never feels like there’s enough time in a day. Sometimes everything moves so fast you can completely lose track of time, days fly by, then weeks, then months. It takes a moment to step back and realize we’ve been open for a little over 4 months now, it sounds like such a small amount of time, but so much has happened since we opened in March. So I wanted to take a moment and recap.

open day staff

First off, we opened, and it already feels like a lifetime ago. Some of the faces from the original team have changed, we’ve grown in numbers, and we’ve formed some pretty tight relationships. We launched a brunch program, moved half our new.image.brewing.arvada-7production on site, hosted a huge charity event, built an outdoor patio, launched an art program, competed in a taco competition and added 4 new beers to our portfolio. For the sake of concision I kept that list short, but nonetheless, it’s been non-stop.

So many things so easily get lost in the hustle, like some of the simple joys of opening a new brewery. We’ve met so many incredible people, they impact and change our lives every day. We get to try new beers and new food all the time. It seems like we know literally everybody in olde town, especially the industry folks. We’ve hosted kick-ass parties, traveled to new places, created new things and built a lot of really cool shit along the way.

We continue to learn new things every day, I doubt we will ever stop with that. It’s certainly a roller coaster at times, but it’s one that we will hop right back on every day. I can’t wait to see what the next 4 months hold for us, as we continue to meet new people, encounter new experiences, grow and change as a company. I often describe the stage that we as a company are in as “the awkward teenage phase”. We’re still figuring out who we are, we aren’t established, we constantly try new things as we explore who we’re becoming, and also we all kind of look like children, well, at least I do (see above staff photo).

The point is, it’s a pretty freaking cool time right now, and I can’t wait to see what’s next.




Working, Learning, Reflecting and Opening.

It’s been just over a year since we began this journey here in Colorado, and it’s amazing to see how far we’ve come since then.

We migrated to Colorado, slowly but surely. It started with Air-BnB reservations, solo drives from Pittsburgh to Denver, one broken neck (healed now though!), and two U-hauls from Atlanta. We scoured the western Denver metro in search of our home, and we landed in Olde Town Arvada. We filed an LLC, signed a lease, ordered equipment and all of the sudden, it was real.

We moved into our temporary home at Funkwerks brewery in Fort Collins, we started producing our first production pilot batches. Back in Olde Town Arvada, we began construction on our own space. We battled through what felt like an endless torrent of paperwork, meetings, phone calls and persuasive emails. We faced the challenges of renovating a historic building. We kept our heads up, focused on building our company and started planning our first event.

We partnered with a non-profit who carries a cause we care deeply about, and with them we hosted a bluegrass event, from which we learned a lot. We began to build our network, meeting people who would become the foundation of our future successes. We started distributing our beer, and we had a lot of success a lot sooner than expected. We hosted another event to release our coffee beer, with our friends and partners from Longmont, and it was an absolute blast.

We celebrated a new year, despite the fact that we aimed to be open in the year previous. We continued to expand our network, taking on more accounts, planning another event, and connecting more intimately with our network of acquaintances turned close friends. We started getting our backs into the renovation, spending weekends cutting down pallets and grinding old adhesive off of our floors. We moved into the frantic process of pre-opening, last minute permits, down to the wire construction, and building our team.

As we approach our opening, we want to take a moment to step back and remember why we started this in the first place. It’s very easy to get lost in the minutia of opening a business, and sometimes the stress is downright unbearable. You can find yourself feeling very cynical, overwhelmed and even completely numb from the workload, but now, we want to reflect.

We created New Image Brewing Company because we are passionate about connecting with our community via the powerful social medium of craft beer. We did this because we love beer, people and creating happiness. We did this because we wanted so badly to live in Colorado. We are doing this, because we couldn’t imagine ourselves doing anything else.

At this moment our official date for opening is still uncertain. We have yet another pile of paperwork, inspections, permits and fires to put out ahead of us, but we’re almost there.

We look forward to opening our doors to all of you soon. We hope that our passion and hard work will show in the experience you receive in our establishment. We are so incredibly excited to start this next phase. We are honored to have you join us.


Brandon and Sean

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