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Black Is Beautiful Collab Project

Last week we made the decision to take a break from our own social media messaging and to use that time instead to listen and begin to educate ourselves on how we can become long term partners for equality in our community. As we begin this new week, we wanted to start with the announcement of our participation in the "Black is Beautiful" collaboration - an initiative started by Weathered Souls Brewing to raise awareness for the injustices experienced by people of color in our communities. We are truly thankful for their leadership in creating this initiative and opportunity for members of the brewing community to immediately begin investing in this movement, and to show our support for people of color in our communities. Weathered Souls has challenged all participating breweries to make this effort a first step in a long term commitment to work for equality and, to facilitate that, to find a local organization with whom we can form a long term partnership. Right now we are in the process of researching and reaching out to organizations in order to find one or several with whom we feel we can form a long term partnership for change. As we have done with investing in mental health and wellness in our community, we want to take the time to find organizations that we resonate with so that we can truly act as long term partners. We will announce these partners before the release of this beer, which should be ready in 3-6 weeks, so stay tuned for more info soon.


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