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Making Waves with Mountain Dweller Coffee and Waves 4 water

One of the most essential parts of collaborating is finding the common threads that run through two companies and then crafting a way forward that represents something bigger than the pieces. In craft beer we tend to focus a lot on ingredients, methods, branding, etc. but sometimes that common thread turns out to be more value driven. When we first met the folks at Mountain Dweller Coffee Roasters and started to learn about their background, we learned that the founder, Josh, has been in the water management business for a long time and maintains his day job processing water for the citizens and visitors of Summit County, Colorado. Naturally we got on the topic of water and how important it is to everything we do, water is essential to both beer and coffee production, but it’s no secret that water is essential for life itself and probably one of the resources we take most for granted in developed countries. As we discussed some of the areas of origin for coffees that we wanted to consider for the collaboration, the topic of access to water came up. In some of the countries that much of our coffee is imported from, there are workers who use fresh water to process coffee at their place of work who do not have access to clean water at their homes. Unfortunately realities like these exist more often than we tend to realize with many of the products and ingredients that are common for manufacturing companies which is why both of our companies make a conscious effort to source ingredients from contentious providers. So in addition to supporting fair trade coffee growers, we saw an opportunity to use this beer to give back to the communities that give us the unique coffees that we love sourcing. Making Waves is a celebration of our most essential ingredient to beer, coffee and life: WATER.

That's where Waves4Water comes in. They strive to bring access to clean water for everyone who needs it. W4W have dedicated their lives to providing clean water access to those who need it, through the implementation of portable water filter systems, the digging/renovating of bore-hole wells, and the construction of rainwater harvesting/storing systems (in places where groundwater is not accessible).

We wanted to help the best way we knew how so we brewed Making Waves - a Blonde Coffee Ale using Ethiopian beans roasted by the Mountain Dweller crew - that will be for sale in our taproom and in stores across CO with $1 per four pack and $1 per pint sold at the taproom going back to Waves4Water. Want to find out more about what they do or donate directly? Head over to learn more or click to

Want to learn about the Mountain Dweller roast we used in this beer? Check the details out below! Ripple Effect

Origin: Yirgacheffe, Ethiopia

Region: Gedeo Zone

Producer: Dirshaye Ferenju Family

Grower(s): 800 Smallholder Farmers

Farm Size: 4 acres or less

Variety: Indigenous Heirlooms

Altitude: 1,800-1,900 masl

Process: Natural

Roast: Medium

Taste: Plum, Chocolate, Creamy

At Mountain Dweller Coffee Roasters, we thought what better way to promote global water conservation, than by highlighting a coffee that uses little or no water during its processing stage. Otherwise known as a natural process, this coffee pairs well with the blonde ale by creating punchy yet delicate coffee flavor notes, without overpowering the beer. In the great company of our friends at New Image Brewing and Waves for Water we are proud to introduce to you, Ripple Effect.

The origin of Ripple Effect is near the town of Yirgacheffe, Ethiopia, where you will find the family owned and operated Dumerso station. The Gedeo region, where this coffee is grown, lies within a coveted narrow slice of coffee growing paradise perched on the highland plateau whose namesake represents the local indigenous Gedeo people.

This heirloom coffee variety is grown at high elevations by local farmers whose farms are less than four acres in size and who handpicks the coffee cherries only when they are fully ripe. Next, the cherries are sorted and placed on raised African drying beds for 4-6 weeks, being turned daily to insure proper drying and quality. Once dried the coffee is next milled to remove the dried fruit and skin, and lastly rests before being shipped to the roaster.

Ripple Effect offers aromas of deep red fruit and rich chocolate along with tasting notes of sweet plum, creamy chocolate, and delicate florals as the cup cools.

Artwork by Matt Joshua - check out more of his work at


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